We view children as capable, competent, curious individuals, and that those traits should drive their learning. Our teachers create the framework for learning and support the social and emotional growth of the children. The interests and developmental level of each child guide our teaching and direct the path of the classroom. At PRLC Preschool, you will truly observe child-driven learning and emergent curriculum in action.
Our curriculum provides a wide range of experiences for creativity, self-expression, and exploration. Language development, early literacy, mathematics, and science are all a part of our classroom teaching. We provide enrichment through cooking, art, and other sensory activities. We promote social, emotional, and physical development by carefully selecting the classroom materials, being mindful of how we communicate to the children, and by giving the children the time they need to investigate the world around them. We believe children learn best through exploration rather than instruction. We provide the tools for learning, then help the children learn to navigate their own path. All of this learning functions within the scope of our primary teaching: helping our kids learn the values of love, compassion, respect, empathy, and inclusion, all while promoting the value of community.
We guide the children through their learning, meeting them at their developmental level and always providing appropriate challenges. We explore the curiosity and wonder of the young mind by digging deep into their questions and interests, taking meaningful field trips, and using the neighborhood as our extended classroom. On any given day you might find our kids walking to the market to purchase ingredients for a cooking project, or out in the garden – picking tomatoes they helped plant, or exploring one of the many nearby parks and greenspaces. By carefully observing and documenting the children’s development we can see, share, and expand on their emerging interests and amazing accomplishments.


Our curriculum is inspired by the schools of Reggio Emilia. We adapt the environment and materials to follow the interest of the children. Our children learn through their experiences and they are given endless opportunities to express themselves. By doing this, we allow the children to self-guide their learning journey.


PRLC Preschool is a not-for-profit facility established by the Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church in 1959 as a service to the community. As you can imagine, a LOT has changed in our field in 60 years! One thing has remained the same: this program’s commitment to the ideal that all children deserve affordable care based upon the current best practices in Early Childhood Education.

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