Our school uses an emergent curriculum. We closely follow the interests of the children to adapt our teaching to what they want to learn. For example, one group might be interested in space and planets, so we bring in materials, books, and resources to expand on that interest all while building math, science, reading, and critical thinking skills. We believe children learn best when they are active contributors to their curriculum.


Waddler (12-24 months)

In our youngest class, the Purple Room, you will see curiosity and exploration come together as the children begin to learn about their world. Three teachers in the room provide the children with fun and developmentally appropriate projects. Many of the activities in the purple room center around sensory exploration as this is how young children learn about themselves and the world around them. Like all our classrooms, the children’s interest is always the driving force behind their learning as the teachers scaffold the children’s play by adding new words and ideas.

Toddler (24-36 months)

Both the Blue and Green Room have two teachers that build on the children’s growing curiosity and wonder. As the children develop their social skills, we give them plenty of time and space to begin collaborating and learning together. We support the children as they begin to learn to negotiate and problem solve with their blossoming verbal skills. We also give them the time and resources to become more self-sufficient as they explore they growing independence.

Preschool (3-5 years old)

In our preschool unit, the Orange and Yellow classrooms each have three teachers that provide the resources and materials for the children to dive deep into projects and explorations. As their social skills develop, the group projects get bigger and more sustained. Careful observation and documentation allow the teachers to bring in new materials and ideas to expand on what the children are interested in. Following the interest of the children, we can provide great learning experiences through field trips and in-depth projects; both designed to expand on the topics the children are into.

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