Families and staff,


Below is some important information about how the CDC will respond in case of snowfall tomorrow, Friday February 8th.  Please check prlcpreschool.com tonight and tomorrow morning for weather updates. Seattle Public Schools has pre-emptively closed in the past in anticipation of snow, in which case we would also be closed.

We will determine if we need to close early, especially if Seattle Public Schools ends early.  If we determine that we need to close early, we will notify families via email to pick up children as soon as possible.  We will ask for confirmation and will make a phone call to any unconfirmed families.  If this is determined it to be necessary, we will most likely be closing somewhere between 3 and 4 to allow staff to get home during daylight.  We could close earlier depending on conditions.

For the safety of all our staff and children please make sure that you do have a plan for early pickup, and are reachable by phone tomorrow.  If there is a best number to try tomorrow, please let one of your teachers know.

Thank you for your help and understanding,

Tim Sullivan
Director (206-351-4842)

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