Our tree is growing!
Thank you so much to everyone who is participating in our fundraiser for Real Rent Duwamish! So far we’ve gathered twelve signatures on the Petition for Federal Recognition and participants have committed a total of $1,326 through November and December.

It’s not too late to join us in supporting this amazing grassroots program! Here’s how to participate:

  1. Visit the Real Rent Duwamish website and click “Pay Rent” to set up recurring rent or a one-time contribution
  2. Sign the Petition for Federal Recognition – Did you know that the Duwamish Tribe has been denied the rights they were promised via treaty for over a century? Joining their fight for recognition is one way we can support restitution in this area
  3. Fill out a PRLC Preschool Pledge Form to help us track community participation! We’ll place a leaf on the tree in our lobby to represent each person who participates in the drive in any way. If you’re already paying Real Rent, this is also how you can tell us about it! You can check our progress on the tree in our school entryway.
  4. Share this project with friends and family!

Interested in more data about our drive? Here are some numbers:

  • About 66% of our participants are paying Real Rent for the first time
  • By next November our participants will have contributed over $1,700 to Real Rent
  • If every family and teacher in our school donates just $5 per month for the next year, our annual total would rise to nearly $5,000
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