We’d like to say a huge thank you to Monica Barroga (she/her), our school’s guest chef for the past several weeks! If you’ve been around the kitchen you may have noticed that Myrvete has been absent due to a much deserved vacation, and Monica took on the essential role of cooking snacks and meals for our community throughout July and August.

Monica is a former student of PRLC Preschool from her own childhood years – she grew up in Seattle and lives with her son Felix, and husband Joe (yep! Teacher Joe from Purple Room).

Here’s a little more from Monica about her practice and philosophy:

“I love cooking & am honored to have provided my food talents for the center this summer. I’m a believer in slow food which is cooking with as many fresh ingredients as possible and putting no rush on eating so as to enjoy the aspect of flavors, textures & colors! Yes indeed feeding your eyes is just as important as feeding your tummy.

While being able to utilize the AMAZING kitchen here I have enjoyed baking various fruit breads & muffins, grilling up latkes & pancakes, cooking meatballs & “veggin up” the sauces, and bringing new foods into the classroom. 

When my work here is done I will go back to being a brewer at Morning Glory Chai and tending my garden.  And of course I’ll continue to sing and perform in the band Eldridge Gravy and the Court Supreme.”

Monica will continue her incredible work with us through the end of the school year as Myrvete transitions back to work next week.

Thank you Monica!

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